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Cum Buttered Muffin

Cum Buttered Muffin By Editor at Large - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Cum buttered muffin, anyone?

Does the term “cum buttered muffin” mean anything to you?  It does not mean cumming on an English muffin or a bran muffin and eating it.  I know you love to eat your own cum (or at least the thought of eating your own cum) and cumming in or on food and eating it is always a fun way to do that, but today, I’m referring to something else.

Cum Buttered Muffin with a Significant Other

Eating a cum buttered muffin is a good way to introduce cum eating to a partner who may not understand about your fetish or may be somewhat reluctant to help indulge you in your cum eating fetish.  We all know about licking your cum out of her pussy, but what about shooting it ON her pussy and then licking it off?  Also known as the cum buttered muffin.

This will let her see the “money shot,” which, if she’s anything like me, she will enjoy and you will get the pleasure of licking up all your tasty cum while she watches you.  For me, this is actually more enjoyable than the classic “cream pie.”

Cuckold Cum Buttered Muffin

Another of my favorite ways to watch you eat a cum buttered muffin- a cuckold cum buttered muffin.  How exciting and humiliating it is for you to not only watch him fuck me, but instead of getting to lick my pussy and getting that cuckold creampie, you have to lick the cum off the top of my pussy, or better yet- off my ass cheeks!

Licking the creampie from my pussy is a reward to be earned but you just might get to eat a cum buttered muffin, if you play your cards right!

There you have it, cumeaters~ cum buttered muffins.

Until next time,

Your Cum Eating Fantasies Mistress

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