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Five Ways to Eat Cum for Breakfast

Start your day the cum eating way!!  You’ve been fantasizing about eating your cum for a long time now- no sense trying to hide it.  Here are five ways to eat cum in the morning:

1) Cum frost your mini-wheats –  Grab a bowl of dry cereal, a spoon, and your cock.  Jerk that dick until it is ready to blow, then spray that cereal with your own brand of erotic milk!  Add a little real milk, perhaps a spoonful of sugar, and enjoy!

2) Cum scrambled eggs – Crack some eggs in a bowl, shoot your cum into the bowl, grab a whisk, and scramble.  Feeling more like an omelet?  No problem… add some chopped peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese before pouring into the skillet. Egg Cum Omelet anyone?

3) Cum fried sausage links – Get out a skillet and (before you put it on the stove) grab your cock.  Cum coat that skillet, add sausage, and start cooking!  Or- instead of frying the sausage in cum, fix the sausage as usual.  Once the links are on the plate, cum on the links and lick your cum coated sausage clean!

4) Instant cum breakfast shake– Mix up that chocolate instant breakfast drink, grab your cock, and add to it.  Stir it all up, add ice, and pour it in the blender for a yummy morning breakfast cum shake!  If you really want to sweeten it up a bit, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream- yummy!

5) Cum cream your coffee – Out of coffee creamer? Never fear, cum filled cock is here! Unzip those pants, grab that cock and stroke it until it makes sweet, sticky, cream for your coffee.  Stir and drink! Mmmm…

There you have it my cum eating sluts; five ways to eat cum for breakfast!

Some of you may need a little cock teasing to get you started.  Others may need a sexy Mistress to watch them stroke on cam, and of course, there are others  of you who prefer to get their cum straight from the source, but not everybody has a nice big cock to suck first thing in the morning.  😉

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3 comments to Five Ways to Eat Cum for Breakfast

  • Mushki Lund

    My wife prefer to add my cum in her chocolate drink every night before going to bed. We are doing it since last over 6 months.

    I prefer to mix my cum with margarine on bread slice and eat it on alternate morning at breakfast.

  • Dave K

    My wife likes to suck me until I cum in her mouth, then she drips the cum from her mouth into her cereal. She says that it really makes it taste better.

  • Linda W

    We make ”cum powder” so that I can add it to almost anything I want, food or drink. To make the powder, I suck or jack my husband’s cock untill he’s ready to cum. He then cums onto a small glass platter. We let the cum dry on the platter. Once it is dried, we scrape it off with a razor, chop it into a powder, and store it in small pill bottles. If these are kept in the refrigerator, they seem to stay ”fresh” for quite a while. This powder is great on most of my food and disolves readily in most drinks. I even take it to restaurants to add to my food and or drink. It is a real turn on for both of us for me to be eating his cum right in front of all those people!!! Try it, it’s GREAT!!!

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