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Five Ways to Eat Cum for Breakfast

Start your day the cum eating way!!  You’ve been fantasizing about eating your cum for a long time now- no sense trying to hide it.  Here are five ways to eat cum in the morning:

1) Cum frost your mini-wheats –  Grab a bowl of dry cereal, a spoon, and your cock.  Jerk . . . → Read More: Five Ways to Eat Cum for Breakfast

Cum Cocktail Slammer

7 loads of cum in a cocktail glass- who wouldn’t wanna slam such a tasty treat?  I can just see you now- you’re licking your lips just thinking about it.  You’re starting to feel that familiar heat in your groin too, aren’t you?

Cum Slut Unable to Contain His Excitement

My new little cum . . . → Read More: Cum Cocktail Slammer