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Eat your Cum on Cam

I get questions all the time about how I am able to “make” you follow through on eating your cum, so I thought I’d take a moment to address them here.

Coached Cumeating

As I’ve talked about, one of the biggest issues plaguing cum eater wannabes is that they are super excited about eating . . . → Read More: Eat your Cum on Cam

Just Spit it Out- You Want to Swallow

Cum. Spunk. Jizz. Cream. Goo. It. Stuff. Man-milk. Self-serving sauce.

Cum, by any other name is still, well… cum.

I wanted to set that straight because for as many cum eaters that are proud to tell me they want to eat their cum for Mistress, there are many others who are quite shy about . . . → Read More: Just Spit it Out- You Want to Swallow

The Year of the Cum Eater

I hereby proclaim 2011 to be the Year of the CumEater!  “Why,”  you ask?  Well, my little man milk slurpers, read on, and you’ll soon find out.

Four Days and Twice as Many Cum Eaters

That’s right, in only 4 days I’ve heard from 8 addicted cum guzzlers. When I say addicted cum guzzlers, . . . → Read More: The Year of the Cum Eater