Custom Audios

Do you like free audios but find they just aren’t qute long enough? Do you enjoy the sound of My voice, but would like to hear something tailored to specifically meet your needs? I offer erotic custom audios and sex audios of all kinds, specializing in teasing, femdom, erotic humiliation, cuckold, and sissies/feminization erotic sex fantasies.

I will produce a high quality erotic sex audio from any script you provide, or I can write one for you. If you are interested in ordering a custom audio, send an email to, containing your request.

If you provide the script, and I read it:
5 minutes or less: $40
6 to 10 minutes: $60
11 to 15 minutes: $80
16-30 minutes: $100

Over 30 minutes: Email Me for custom pricing.

If you want Me to write the script and record the audio for you, there will be a $20 writing charge on top of the prices above, for audios up to 10 minutes. Please inquire for longer scripts by emailing me at