What exactly is a cum catcher, you ask?  Well, dear sluts- a cum catcher is anything you use to catch your cum, making it readily accessible for eating. It is always interesting to hear your responses when asked “how are you going to collect your cum for me?”  I’ve heard everything from “I don’t know Mistress, I was hoping you would tell me” to “I have a dish drainer mat to catch it on!”  A dish drainer mat? Now that’s pretty creative. 🙂

Some of the other cum catchers I’ve heard about are:

    a shot glas
    a saucer
    a bowl
    a spoon
    a baggie
    ice cube tray
    your mouth

“My mouth?”, many of you are saying. “Just how am I supposed to cum in my own mouth?” Funny you should ask that question…. give me a call and I will have you doing it too!

Then there are those that prefer instead of catching the cum in something, they would rather shoot their cum on something, usually various body parts- either their own, or those of a significant other or Mistress, and lick it off.

It’s both erotic and humiliating to be coerced to masturbate in front of a woman and shoot your cum on her foot and be made to lick it off. Another similar experience is to be made to hump her leg while you are licking her pussy and then made to lick it off her leg when you are finished.

No matter what you decide to use for a cum catcher, one thing is certain; this phone sex Mistress wants to watch you cum eaters shoot your load and eat that cum on cam! MMMMM, HOT!!

For coerced cum eating phone sex sessions with Empress Hunter, call 800-601-6975.  Calls are $ per minute with a 10 minute minimum. If you would like to eat your cum on cam for Mistress, send an email to EmpressHunter@yahoo.com or a Yahoo IM to EmpressHunter prior to your session, so we can make sure your cam is set up and working before you call.

Until next time, cum sluts-
Empress Hunter