I am Empress Hunter, here by popular request, to coerce you to eat your cum. This Phone Sex Mistress has always been fascinated with coerced cum eating and finding new and creative ways to ensure utmost success to that end!

Mistress I Want You to Make Me Eat My Cum…. No Matter What!

It seems cum sluts will tell Me they will do anything for Me… that is, right up until they blow their load. Among other things, I’ve been promised diamonds and other baubles, perpetual service, and the opportunity to turn callers into cum eating whore believers, worshiping at the cum alter. Of course, as soon as they shoot that load of hot jizz, their desire to do any of these things goes right out the window!

Naturally, it is My job to make you “put your money where your mouth is”, so to speak. To that end, I’ve employed all sorts of tricks and techniques, with a reasonable amount of success!

Tips to Ensure Your Cum Tastes Yummy

The taste of your cum is directly related to what you eat. If you eat a diet heavy in salt, it will be salty, as well as taste a bit like battery acid if you eat a lot of smoked meats and processed meats containing nitrates.

Smoking also can result in some nasty, bitter tasting cum.

Eating fruits and vegetables will result in a sweeter, more pleasant tasting cum, particular pineapples and pineapple juice, apples, cantaloupe, spinach, romaine lettuce, bok choy, etc.

Now that you are paying closer attention and eating things to ensure a good flavorful cum, it may be even more desirable for you to be a coerced cum eater!

Tricks to Enforce Your Cum Eating Pledge

As mentioned above, many of you lose the desire as soon as you stroke your cock to climax. It is My job to perpetuate that desire, even after the heat of the moment is gone! I have many tried and true tips and tricks to ensure that doesn’t happen, though depending on the person, some are more sucessful than others.

If you are curious what my secrets to coerced cum eating may be, give Me a call and you shall find out!

Until next time, cum sluts-
Empress Hunter