Watching You on Cam

If you would like for me to watch you on cam during our call, here is what you need to do.

Yahoo Messenger Cam

Add Me to your friends list by going to the toolbar at the top of the main Yahoo Messenger window and clicking “Contacts.” This will bring up a menu that includes “Add a Contact.” A box will pop up that says “Add to Messenger List.”

Type EmpressHunter in the first blank spot where it says: “Type the person’s Message ID or email address:”.

When you’ve entered the information, click the button at the bottom that says” Nex>”. The next menu asks the contact group you’d like to add me in.

Pull down the menu bar and choose a group or create one to add my User ID to. There’s also an optional box to fill out with a quick message letting me know who you are.

After this, the last panel will pop up confirming the info you entered. Check for any mistakes and use the back button at the bottom to go back and correct any mistakes you find. Check again and if everything is correct, click finish.

You should then be able to invite Me to view your webcam. Please IM me before sending the webcam invite so I can make sure I have that feature enabled and ready.

To send the webcam invite, open a private message window by double clicking My name in your categories list.

Go to the top toolbar of the window and click “Action.” Toward the bottom of that menu, choose the option that says “Invite to View My Webcam.”

This will send a popup box to Me, inviting Me to view your webcam.

Sometimes there is a slight delay, so be patient. When I have accepted your invitation, a video feed box will appear.

It will tell Me it is verifying and then opening your feed. At that point, I should be able to see everything you are doing, right there, live!!

Skype – cam only

If you would like for me to watch you on Skype cam during our call, you will need to first send an email to or a Yahoo instant message to EmpressHunter, letting me know you will be calling and would like me to watch you on Skype cam during our call.

Add EmpressHunter to your Skype contact list and watch for the confirmation message. If you do not receive the confirmation message from me, you will not be able to initiate the cam call.

MSN Messenger

If you would like for me to watch you on MSN Messenger cam, you will need to add to your MSN Messenger contact list. Send me an instant message letting me know you would like for me to watch you on MSN Messenger cam during the call so I can make sure the webcam feature enabled and ready.