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You can also check out Tease Mania, an adult forum that contains literally thousands of audios on all sorts of topics from various Mistresses, including hundreds of Cum Eating related audios.  The link above is for audios that anybody can listen to without being a member of the forum.

This link is for those who are members of Tease Mania and because they are much racier than the general public should hear, you must be a member of the forum and logged in to hear them.  Not yet a member of the Tease Mania forum?  Don’t sweat it… membership is absolutely free and you don’t need to give any personal information other than your birth date, simply for age verification purposes.

Simply click this Tease Mania Registration link, agree to the terms, create your username and choose a password, and you’ll be registered.  Registration submissions are manually approved, so there may be a small delay in registration approval.  To expedite the process, visit the Cock Control Concierge  and ask them to approve your registration.


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