Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975
My Schedule for the week of 7/13/2020
Monday – 8am – 6pm
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – 10am – 6pm
Thursday – 8am – 2pm
Friday – 10am – 6pm
Saturday – patchy availability
Sunday – 8am – 8pm

*Note: All times listed above are EST and are approximate.  On the longer days, I will be taking lunch and dinner breaks which are not listed here.

I will try to post my exact schedule above each week but, as a rule, during the week I’m generally around during the day, usually between the hours of 6:00 am-3:00 pm Eastern. You may find me occasionally available during the evening on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Weekends, I am available most of the day/evening, provided I don’t have plans.

The best way to ensure I am available for you when you’d like to call is to make an appointment.

You can schedule an appointment by emailing me at


All appointments are in 30 minute increments, as there is a 30 minute minimum for appointments.

I do prefer scheduled appointments to random calls but my time is valuable. There are a few rules you need to be aware of prior to scheduling appointments.

It is expected that you will be ON TIME for your appointment.  If you are more that 5 minutes late without notifying me that you will be late, I will give you one more opportunity to book an appointment and be on time.  If you are late to that appointment, you will no longer be allowed to book appointments with me.

If you book an appointment and are a no call / no show, you will no longer be allowed to book appointments with me.


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