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fluffy Gears up to Guzzle Cum

You may remember fluffy the cocksucker.  I’ve written several times about fagboy fluffly on my Intelligent Fantasies blog.  Oh hell, I think I’ve even written about him on my Straight Guys Sucking Cock blog–or maybe not.  The longer I talk to him the less sure I am about the “straight guy” part!

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Spice up that Cum for the Holidays!

My precious little cum-guzzlers, I have an assignment for you. Yes, another. No, you may not complain. Any lip from you and I’ll tape your mouth shut, milk you dry and feed your cum to some other guy, just so you won’t have any.

Get Ready for Another Cum Eating Experiment

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Cum Cocktail Slammer

7 loads of cum in a cocktail glass- who wouldn’t wanna slam such a tasty treat?  I can just see you now- you’re licking your lips just thinking about it.  You’re starting to feel that familiar heat in your groin too, aren’t you?

Cum Slut Unable to Contain His Excitement

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