What is it, exactly, that makes the cum eating fantasy so exciting? Is it because it’s taboo- something you shouldn’t want to do? Is it the humiliation factor? Is it because you like the taste? If you are one who eats your own cum because you like the taste, I’d love to hear more about that because most of the time guys eat their own cum in spite of the taste.


The Cum Eating Fantasy that Never Becomes Reality


Enjoying the fantasy of eating your cum the whole time you are masturbating and then having absolutely zero desire to really eat it the minute you ejaculate is a very common thing. For every one of my callers who actually do enjoy eating their cum, for whatever the reason, there are ten more who love the fantasy of it while in the moment but have zero desire to actually do it.

Some might say, “Why fantasize about it if you have no desire to really do it?” and to that, I say “That is why they are called fantasies!” Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love getting a guy who never thought he would ever eat his own cum to finally follow through and eat it for me, but there’s something to be said for the old adage “some things are better left in fantasy.” If you’re one of those who simply enjoys the fantasy of eating your own cum, I’m okay with that. This is different than when you really want to eat your own cum but can’t bring yourself to do it upon ejaculation.


Losing the Cum Eating Desire with Ejaculation


Truly wanting to eat your own cum but then losing the desire to follow through immediately after ejaculation is the number one complaint I hear from wanna be cum eaters. Oftentimes they call me because they’ve heard I have a pretty high success rate with first-time cum eaters and they’re really hoping to get over the hump and actually follow through. Sometimes they have success right away; sometimes, it’s a matter of conditioning and is a process.

One of the biggest things that sets first time wannabe cum eaters up for failure is thinking that eating your own cum is all or nothing. They feel to be successful, they need to lick up the entire load of jizz and that line of thinking is what prevents them from being successful. Start with a taste. A small taste. Then, over time, work up to more.


What do YOU Find Most Exciting about the Cum Eating Fantasy?


I’d love to hear what it is about the cum eating fantasy that most excites YOU? Oftentimes, it is a combination of things but sometimes, it’s a simple, because I like the taste. I’d like all you cum eaters and cum eater wannabes to really think about it and answer these two questions in the comments:

1. Do I just like the fantasy of eating my own cum but never really want to do it?

2. What is it that makes cum eating so exciting?

I will look forward to reading your responses and having a good conversation about it in the comments!

Until next time, cum eaters~

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