Well, what about it cum sluts~ are you up for a cum eating crazy straw challenge? Have you ever tried drinking your cum through a straw? If yes, have you tried a crazy straw to make it more fun? If no, then what better way to try it for the first time than with a crazy straw challenge?!


Making Your Cum Eating Crazy Straw


How will you make YOUR cum eating crazy straw?

How will you make YOUR cum eating crazy straw?

I have seen a few different types of cum eating crazy straws over the years. The designs are as unique as the people who designed them but they all have one common goal- to get that cum from the source to the mouth as quickly as possible. The word “straw” can be taken literally meaning using actual straws or it used to loosely to describe any straw-like concoction used for the purpose of sucking that cum right into your mouth.

Your cum eating crazy straw can be as simple as taping a
bunch of regular straws together or it can be more complex than that but the big challenge is, can you suck hard enough to get that thick, sticky jizz through that long straw and into your mouth? How can you fix that issue? Perhaps, take a sip of water and let it out into the straw right before you’re ready to blow to help thin out that thick, gooey cum enough to make it easier to slurp through your cum eating crazy straw? What other ways can you think of to make slurping your cum through the straw easier?

How would you engineer your own, unique cum eating crazy straw, keeping in mind all of the challenges that go with it?


Putting that Crazy Straw to the Test


Cum Eating Crazy Straw ChallengeOne your cum eating crazy straw is created, you’ll need to test it- and probably test it multiple times, making adjustments as you go. As any good engineer will tell you, you start with creating the concept, build it to specs, and then test it. If there is a failure at any point, create a solution that will theoretically resolve that failure and try again. You may need to go through this process multiple times to get your crazy straw to work just right.

The most important thing is not to give up. To keep trying various things until you finally have a viable cum eating crazy straw that can be used during a cum eating cam session with me. That’s right, I said cum eating cam session because there is no way I am going to let your suck your cum fro a straw on a call with me without the visual for my amusement.

After all, even if you love eating your own cum and do it all the time whether it’s for a Mistress or not, when you’re talking to me, it IS all about MY amusement and entertainment, is it not? You’d better be nodding your head and saying “Yes Mistress” right now as your answer to that question!


Not Sure Where to Begin?


Do you want to create your own cum eating crazy straw but are having difficulty conceptualizing what that may look like? If so, give me a call and we can discuss various options and ways to accomplish your cum eating crazy straw goals. In this case, the planning may just be almost more important than the actual execution because if it isn’t planned well and created according to plan, the chance of cum eating success is slim.

You and I both know you want this cum eating crazy straw challenge to be successful because you are quite intrigued at the thought and never pass up a challenge- especially when it pertains to cum eating. Yes, you. You know who you are, cum slut! You know I’m talking specifically to you. Are you going to accept my cum eating crazy straw challenge?

Give me a call and let’s discuss it!

Until next time, cum sluts~

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