I get questions all the time about how I am able to “make” you follow through on eating your cum, so I thought I’d take a moment to address them here.

Coached Cumeating

As I’ve talked about, one of the biggest issues plaguing cum eater wannabes is that they are super excited about eating their own cum the entire time they are masturbating but they lose the desire as soon as they reach orgasm.  Much of the reason for this is because usually they are by themselves and have had only their imagination to get them to this point.

Calling a phone sex Mistress is a good way to ensure you follow through with eating your cum, because she is an expert at teasing you and getting you worked into a proper cumeating frenzy.  She will have you so excited and into the moment that you may not even realize you swallowed your cum until after the fact!

The Position

If you’ve surfed around this blog at all, I’m sure you are aware of what we like to call, “the position.”  The cum eating position is one where you get into a position with your legs above your head, either resting up a wall or on the bed while you are laying on the floor, of if you are very flexible, flipping your legs over your head and holding them there.

This will point your cum-filled cock toward your face and wide open mouth, so that when you ejaculate, it shoots toward your face and into your mouth.  Now, depending on your flexibility and aim, you may get most of it on your face and only a little in your mouth.  This is where my watching you on cam comes in.

A Visual Image is Worth a Thousand Words

I love watching men masturbate and stroke for me on cam, but I enjoy watching you cum eating sluts the most.  This is because when I see you on cam, I know for a fact you are putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak.  Without that visual, many are tempted to lie and tell me that they did indeed eat their cum, when I know damn well they didn’t.Eat Your Cum for Mistress Hunter 800-601-6975

The best way to avoid that situation is just to go on cam for me.  That way I will see it shoot directly into your mouth or see you lick it off your fingers, or any of the other number of ways I want to see you collect and eat your cum!

If you would like me to watch you on cam during your coached cum eating phone sex call but are unsure how to make that happen, check out my instructions for viewing you on cam.

Until next time cum sluts,