Cuma Cuma Cuma Cuma Cuma Time to Eat that Cum!!! Eating your cum will be easy if you listen to me. Go on and eat it, go on and eat it!

Are you like me and sang the above statement to the tune of a popular 80s ear worm? You know the one I mean, right? It may be a silly parody lyric but the sentiment is true. Eating your cum will be easy if you don’t think about all your previous cum eating failures and just listen to me and follow my instructions. I do have a high success rate with first-time cum eaters. That’s not to say I’m always 100% successful but almost always, if I’m not, it’s because the cum eater wannabe didn’t listen and follow my instructions.


Have Fun and Eat that Cum!

Since you’ve already got that first 80s ear worm in your head (you know you do!), let’s see if I can cum up with (see what I did there?) a few more. See if you know what they all are and leave a note in the comments.

When you call and say “I wanna eat my cum for somebody, I wanna eat it for somebody” My reply is, “Cum on and eat, eat your sticky jizz for me, at this moment, eating your cum is everything. Eat that cum (eat your cum), Eat it for me (eat it for me), It’ll be done, in a minute or two.”

And, when they balk and say they don’t want to do it after all, I tell them “Don’t, don’t you want it? You know I can’t believe it when I hear that you won’t eat it. It’s much to late to find when you say you’ve changed your mind. You’d better change it back or you will be sorry.” If you tell me you want to eat your cum for me, there will be no chickening out upon orgasm!

Call me on the line, Call me, call me any, anytime. Call me, eat your cum, you can eat it for me day or night. Don’t stop believin’, hold on to that feeling. Don’t stop believin’, eat that cum for me. Eat your cum, it’s up to you. All I can do I’ve done, so eat it for me now, eat it for me now. Watching every motion on my cum eater’s cam. In this endless effort, finally he ate his cum. Turning and returning to his secret place inside. Watching in slow motion as he gulps it down and says, I ate my cum today.

Still Having Fun?

That’s all they really want… some fun when the working day is done, oh-oh boys just want to eat their cum, oh-oh boys just want to eat their cum. They’re always telling me “I just called to eat my cum for you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.” To that, I always say “Stop right there! I gotta know right now, will you eat it, will you eat it for me? Will you be a cum eater for the rest of your life? Will you eat it today and take the cum eating dive?”

Then, when they’re successful, I tell them “Oh-oh, here it comes. Watch out, boy, don’t chew it up. Oh-oh, here it cums. You’re a cumeater!” and they reply “I’ve had the time of my life. No, I never eaten my cum before, Yes, I swear, it’s the truth, And I now I owe it all to you. What a feeling! You have me believin’ I can eat it all, eat my cum all my life.”

Always humble, I simply tell them, “My name is Hunter, I’m not your lover. I’m just a Mistress who made you eat your cum. Who made you eat your cum. I am the one who made you eat your cum! I took your passion and made it happen, cum eating brought to life. You can finally eat it without strife.”

Before long, they’re usually telling me “With or without you, I can eat my own cum, with or without you.”

Do you feel pressure? Pressure pushing down on you, pressing down on you to eat your cum? Just eat it, just eat it. No one wants to be defeated. Show me how funky and strong is your desire. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right, just eat it!

Now that you’re a cum eater, don’t stop eating your cum tomorrow, don’t stop it’ll soon be here. You’ll eat your cum easier than before but don’t stop eating your cum tomorrow. Just keep on eating it in the new year. Keep on eating it in the new year.

There you have it, pets. How many songs did you find?

Until next time~

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