This post is the fourth in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest Blog train, so if you haven’t already, you can start at the beginning with Intelligent Femdom Ms. Constance’s post and work your way through Ms. Delia’s Femfabulous post before reading this one.

Supernatural Hand Job

Having either witnessed or been a part of Ms. Delia’s spooky section of the Enchanted Enchantrix Forest, you’re relieved to have finally escaped that malevolent spirit and not really paying attention where you’re going when you see a gorgeous woman, more beautiful than any you’ve seen, not too far ahead. Of course, you must get closer to get a better look. You feel drawn to her, almost as if you’re both magnetized.

Suddenly, you take off sprinting through the forest hoping to catch up to her. She doesn’t appear to be moving but the further you run, you realize she’s still the same distance from you. Discouraged, you stop to rest and catch your breath. While you’re sitting on a big rock resting, you could swear you feel hands gliding up and down your body. It must be the wind because there’s nobody there…. is there?

Feeling spooked, you decide to get up and continue on through the forest only to realize you are glued to the rock. You are unable to stand up. Just as that realization sinks in, you feel-and see-your pants being unzipped. You reach down to try to zip them back up but you can’t even get close to the zipper. It’s like there is a barrier field around it. What happens next is mind-blowing. You feel your cock being stroked or sucked or something unlike any sensation you’ve ever felt but it feels amazing. It feels so good, in fact, that you’ve forgotten your fear.

Then, without warning, you’re on the edge of orgasm.


Coerced Autofellatio

The next thing you know, you feel your head being pushed toward your cock.WTF??? What is happening. Not only are you unable to stop this from happening, you realize you are being bent to the point that your mouth is almost on your cock. Now, you start to get a little freaked out but at the same time, let’s be honest, you’ve tried before to see if you could suck your own cock and couldn’t even get close, so you can’t help but be a little excited on top of that fear.

How are you able to bend like this? How did you become so flexible? Why doesn’t it hurt? That was far as you got with your thoughts because the next thing you know, you are sucking your own cock! What?!  Part of you is mortified because you’re not gay but part of you is so turned on at doing something so taboo that you forget all about your worries.

Within a minute or two of self-sucking, you realize you are about to cum. You’ve fantasized about cum eating before but as soon as you orgasm you lose that cum eating desire and don’t eat it. This time, though, you have no choice.You can no longer control your body but, to be honest, it feels so good and you’re so turned on, you don’t really mind. And then… suddenly, and without warning, it happens.

You have the most amazing, most mind-blowing orgasm you’ve ever had in your entire life! And, not only that, but you swallow every single drop of that hot sticky jizz and keep right on sucking that cock. Whatever power that has been controlling you seems to still be doing so because you can’t stop sucking. Your cock is super sensitive and you just want to stop but you can’t.


Coerced Orgasms with Cum Eating

For a few minutes, you fight to stop and then suddenly, it starts feeling good again. This time, you decide to fully surrender and just enjoy the experience. In fact, you’re thinking this is probably the most amazing blowjob you’ve ever had and wondering if you’ll be able to do this yourself if you ever escape this Enchanted Enchantrix forest. You may even start to enjoy cum eating when this is all over!

Just then, another mind-blowing, explosive orgasm occurs and this time you happily and greedily swallow that jizz and try to pull away only to realize you are unable to do so. Uh-oh, here we go again, more coerced orgasms and cum eating. Your cock is beyond sensitive now. It is sore. And you’re tired. You just want to go home and take a nap. But you can’t. You can’t move aside from whatever entity is controlling you to do. Now there’s no excitement left. Just fear.

How much more of this self sucking and cum eating must you endure? However much the Enchantrix Enchanted forest decides you must endure, that’s how much more!


What Will Happen Next in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest?

You’ve had quite the journey so far through the forest but your journey is really only just beginning. What other scary, sexy things will you encounter during the rest of your journey through the forest? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what Sensual Domme Ms. Rachel has planned for you.

Until next time, pets~

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