“I want to be a cum eater but I keep chickening out.” I hear this statement from would-be cum eaters every day.

It seems the desire to eat your own cum is quite strong in the heat of the moment but as soon as that cum starts spurting, the desire is lost and that cum never gets eaten.  There are several ways to remedy this as I will detail below.  Not all of these work for everybody but you won’t know what works for you until you try.

The old adage “if you fail, try and try again” holds true for cum eating, as well as anything else. It’s a process of trial and error until we find something that helps you succeed. Now, let’s take a look at some ways that might help you succeed.



Ruined or Partial Orgasms


Ms Hunter teaches you how to be a ruined orgasm cum eater (800) 601-6975Ruined orgasms, also known as partial orgasms, are good if you have the self-control and/or know-how to do it. There are a variety of methods used to ruin orgasms and any one of them will work in this case as long as it allows some (but not all) cum to escape.  Not allowing a full release will keep you hot and horny in the heat of the moment so you don’t lose that cum-eating desire.

The idea is to allow a small amount of ejaculate to escape while squelching the rest.  Once you are sure you have stopped the full ejaculation, scoop up the cum that did escape and lick it off your fingers while continuing to stroke.

This method can be used multiple times during an edging and cum eating session and many callers have been quite successful cum eaters using this method.


Saving a Previous Cum Load


Ms. Hunter Makes you Eat Frozen Cum Cubes (800) 601-6975Saving your cum each time you orgasm can be a good way to eat your cum for the first time. Every time you ejaculate, shoot it into an ice cube tray and top it with a small amount of water to help it freeze.

If you are worried about someone finding your frozen cum, you can shoot it into a small plastic container, like the ones used for salad dressing, and put it in a baggie.  Write “not for human consumption” on the baggie and store it in the back of the freezer. It’s doubtful anybody would find it but this way, if they do, they will leave it alone no matter how curious they are about it.

The idea here is that you thaw out a cum cube (or three) and sip on it or let it melt in your mouth while you are masturbating.  This allows you to satisfy that cum craving while you are still horny and excited about being a cum eater. Of course, you don’t want to forget to save the current load to replace the load you just swallowed!


Assume The Cum Eater


If you aren’t familiar with the cum-eating position, you need to familiarize yourself with it.  Basically, you lie on your back with your legs and butt against the wall or the couch and then flip your legs back toward your face.  This should put you in a position where your dick is aimed at your face.

Even the tiniest of dicks have been successful at shooting that hot sticky jizz in the mouth or, at the very least, all over the face where it can immediately be scooped into the mouth.  Personally, I am very fond of this position because 1) it’s super hot to watch on cam, and 2) it puts makes you that much more vulnerable and prone to humiliation, were someone to walk in on you.

Sometimes this works with first-time cum eaters, but only if you are successful in hitting the tongue/mouth. Because it does require a modicum of precision, this position is usually most successful with seasoned cum eaters.


Jizz on Your Favorite Food and Eat it


Ms Hunter Feeds you Salad with Cum Dressing (800) 601-6975Eating your cum on a favorite food is often a good way to be a successful first-time cum eater. You can cum into a cup of yogurt or pudding, give it a good stir, and eat it. This is also a good way to gobble your jizz if you are worried you will not like the taste of your cum.

Though there are many ways to improve the taste and texture of your cum, this is definitely a good way to introduce cum eating into your kinky masturbation fun. Almost any food you enjoy is a good food to cum on or in.  The combinations are endless!

If you are into humiliation, as well as cum eating, you’ll want to try this cum eating public humiliation assignment. How exciting to be so naughty right under people’s noses!  Of course, if you do this assignment, I’ll expect you to call me and tell me all about how it went!


Cream Your Coffee or Cocktail


Drink a Creamy Cum Cocktail for Ms. Hunter (800) 601-6975Cumming into a cup of coffee or into your favorite cocktail or beverage is another way first-time cum eaters have been successful in reaching their goal.  This is especially successful if you’ve already had a few drinks or cocktails before you start.  As with anything, alcohol lowers the inhibitions and makes otherwise undesirable things more desirable, so this may be something to do if you’ve tried many other ways to eat your cum and still have been unsuccessful.

One of my favorite cum eating cocktails is a “Dirty” Martini.  In a normal dirty martini, the “dirty” part is created by pouring a bit of olive juice into the drink but that isn’t what I mean here. Obviously, in this case, the “dirty” part will be created by using your freshly-spewed ejaculate.



Cum-Eating Conclusion


The bottom line here is, where there is a will, there is a way. If you are truly turned-on by the thought of eating your own cum or if you truly want to be an obedient cum slut for Mistress, then you will find a way to be a successful cum-eater.  If you are only half-heartedly excited about eating your cum, you will likely never succeed.

Are you a seasoned cum eater who has been successful in eating your cum in a variety of ways or are you a wannabe cum eater who just can’t seem to make it happen?

Either way, give me a call!

Until next time, pets~
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