7 loads of cum in a cocktail glass- who wouldn’t wanna slam such a tasty treat?  I can just see you now- you’re licking your lips just thinking about it.  You’re starting to feel that familiar heat in your groin too, aren’t you?

Cum Slut Unable to Contain His Excitement

My new little cum pig sure was anxious to down that frosty white jizz cooler!  In fact,  this little cum eating slut had been trying to save up 10 loads, as instructed, but he got so turned on at the thought of being my cum drinking champion, that he couldn’t wait.

Please, Please, Please, Can I Eat My Cum Now Mistress?

I was quite amused with this particular cum whore, because he knew what he wanted right up front and didn’t waver!  He stuck to his cum guzzling guns, which was a refreshing change of pace!

Typically, my cum eating fantasy boys call me, all excited and dying to eat their cum for me- all the way up to the point of orgasm.  It doesn’t matter if we create an elaborate cock sucking fantasy, a hot and steamy guided masturbation session, or a good old phone humiliation session, when the moment of truth arrives, the overwhelming cum eating desire dissipates.

Not so, with this cum guzzling slut! He begged from the beginning for me to please let him drink it.  All he had been able to think about for days was the cum cube ice tray in his freezer and how he couldn’t wait to taste it.

No More Cum Eating Games, Please!

After only a few minutes of sensual teasing, my new little cum slut was desperate!  “Please, no more teasing, no more games!  Please, let me drink it all, NOW!!”  I let out a low, wicked laugh, and said, “How much to you want to drink it?  Tell me.”   Deliciously Wicked!

After a bit more desperate begging, I finally gave in and told that cum guzzler to chug that cum!  As you might imagine, that cum cup was empty before I barely got the words out of my mouth!  When cum pig had licked that delicious jizz off his lips and teeth, he happily reported that it was, “Mmmm, Yummy!!” and is already busy cum collecting for next time!

Until next time, cum suckers~

Empress Hunter

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