Do you have a cum eating fetish? D’uh! Of course you do or you wouldn’t be here, would you? So, tell me, what started your interest in eating your own cum?

Over the years as a coached cum eating Mistress, I’ve heard quite a few different reasons as to how cum eaters got started eating their own cum.

Here are a few of the most common ways the cum eating fetish begins:


Cum Eating Fetish: Accidental Cum Eater


Many cum eaters got started with the cum eating fetish when they accidentally tasted their own cum. How do you accidentally eat your own cum? Easy! One way to accidentally eat your cum is if you are masturbating and tend to have high velocity ejaculations. Chances are, you’re lying back with your head raised to watch as you masturbate and get close to cumming, likely have your mouth open without realizing it, and some of that cum goes right into your mouth.

Ms Hunter teaches you how to be a ruined orgasm cum eater (800) 601-6975Another way to accidentally (well, more like accidentally on purpose) eat your own cum is when your wife or girlfriend hasn’t yet orgasmed but you shot your wad so she asked you to go down on her and give her an orgasm with your mouth. Eager to please, you do as requested, without even thinking about the fact that her pussy is full of your cum until you taste it.  In the heat of the moment and wanting to give her an orgasm, it’s not like you’re going to say “Ewwww, forget that… I can’t lick your pussy because it’s full of my jizz!”

You’re going to do exactly as asked and think about the fact that you just licked your cum out of her pussy, later. Later, when you do think about it, it excites you, sometimes unexpectedly, to relive that very naughty, very taboo thing you just did. Then you start fantasizing about that moment and eating your own cum every time you masturbate. Little by little, you realize you think about being a cum eater every time you masturbate, thus your accidental cum eating fetish is born.


Cum Eating is so Naughty and Taboo


This is one of the most common reasons guys find eating their own cum so exciting.  It’s naughty and taboo- not something they should do or enjoy. Just because it is considered taboo, of course, that makes them want to eat their cum.  Those who fall into this category often have never actually been successful at following through and eating their own cum because they lose the cum eating urge immediately after orgasm.

Cum Eating is TabooIf a guy always gets off on the thought of eating his own cum but has never actually gobbled his goo because of losing the urge, there are several ways to ensure cum eating success. As a coached cum eating Mistress, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and have a 90+% success rate when it comes to getting guys to actually follow through and eat their cum the first time.

Of course, there are those rare cum eating sluts who do so because it’s naughty and taboo but have never had a problem swallowing their spunk. These naughty cum whores love cum play and love saving up loads of cum to eat in various (usually humiliating) ways while they are still masturbating and still have no trouble eating their cum immediately after orgasm.


Cuckold Fetish Leads to Cum Eating


Cuckold Cum Eating Instructions with Ms. Hunter (800) 601-6975This is a no-brainer, really, Cuckolds generally love licking that bull’s creampie out of her pussy so it’s just a natural progression that they would eat their own cum, as well.  Even better if the cuckold humps a pillow while he’s enjoying that cuckold creampie and when he cums, he licks up his own or better yet, she scoops it up with a spoon and spoon-feeds the cuckold his own cum.

Sometimes, the cuckold is expected to suck the bull’s cock, swallow his cum, and get him hard again so he can last a lot longer, giving her multiple orgasms. Of course, if the cuckold cums, either accidentally while sucking the bull’s cock or even if he manages to last until later, he should be expected to eat his own cum. He should be expected to eat his own cum even when he is alone and masturbating.  After all, he needs to keep in practice for cleaning up those cuckold cream pies, doesn’t he?

And there you have it, pets~ a few ways the cum eating fetish begins.

Until next time~

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