Mistress Hunter Spoon Feeds Your Cum to You 800-601-6975

Mistress Hunter Spoon Feeds Your Cum to You    800-601-6975

Open up and get ready for the next spoonful of cum.  That’s it.  Savor the flavor a bit.  Roll it around on your tongue and really taste the essence before swallowing.  Goodboy.  Ready for the next mouthful?

Feeding you your own Cum with a Spoon

I love feeding your own cum to you with a spoon after you’ve ejaculated into a bowl.  The motions of having you kneel in front of me right after you squirted your splooge and wait patiently for me to tell you to open up and get ready for a yummy treat excite me.  Watching you open that mouth and wait anxiously, anticipating that mouthful of jizz, really turns me on.

Need more than a Spoonful?

Do you like the idea of being a spoon-fed cum eater but wish there was more than a single spoonful to gobble up?  If so, that can certainly be remedied in a number of ways.  One way is to edge- getting so close to orgasm you can barely keep it from spewing followed by a little light stroking and then getting to the edge again before backing off.  After orgasm edging and backing off multiple times, the volume of cum should increase significantly.  It also creates lots of pre-cum that can be mixed in with your final load to increase the volume.

If that’s still not enough, with enough time and proper training, you can learn to have multiple orgasms within a very short time frame.  This will assure you have several spoonfuls of yummy cum just waiting to be spooned into your waiting mouth.

If you like the idea of me feeding your cum to you with a spoon as much as I do, give me a call!

Until next time, cum eaters…