Are you looking for a first-time cum eating success? Do you fantasize often about eating your cum while masturbating but as soon as you orgasm you lose your desire to eat your cum and don’t follow through with it?

I have a very high success rate when it comes to cum eater wannabes having that first-time cum eating success. I have some tried and true methods that almost always guarantee, at the very lease, a big taste of your own cum, even if it isn’t the full load the first time.


Eating the FULL Load isn’t the Best Way to Guarantee First Time Cum Eating Success


Mistress Hunter Discusses Fake Cum RecipesEvery person is different but difficulty achieving first-time Cum Eating Success is a very common problem. I can’t tell you how many times hopeful cum eaters have called me just hoping that this will be the time they actually follow through and achieve cum eating success for the first time.

I know you fantasize about eating every single drop of your hot, sticky jizz, but attempting to eat the entire load the very first time isn’t really realistic.  Like anything, it requires training and conditioning to ensure success. It is important to start with small goals and work your way up to the grand finale of cum eating success- eating your entire cum load.

You may feel like not eating your entire cum load the first is a failure in some way, but it isn’t. Failure happens when you  expect to eat the entire load the first time. Obviously, you lose desire after orgasm, so don’t you think it would be easier to start with a small lick? I mean, it’s just a little lick. Can’t be that bad, can it?


You’ll be Eating Full Loads of Your Own Cum in No Time


First Time Cum Eating Success Fake Cum Recipes for Cum Eating and Ejaculating DildosIt may not feel like you’ll ever achieve cum eating success- especially if you’ve been trying for a long time and have even had difficulty following through with a Mistress commanding you to eat your own cum, but I assure you, I know what I am doing and with a little determination and trust in My vast knowledge as a cum eating coach. you’ll be a seasoned cum eater before you know it.

There are also many other cum eating methods I will have you try if that first time with me is not a cum eating success. Even if you do manage to follow through and lick a big glob of that goo off your hand- and most first-timers do managed to do this with me commanding them to- there are many other ways to work up to being a successful cum eater.

The biggest things to remember are: don’t get discouraged if it takes longer for you to be a successful cum eater than you had hoped, trust that this cum eating Mistress knows exactly what she is doing and what will work for you to achieve that first time cum eating success, and don’t expect to eat your entire load the very first time.  Expecting to eat your entire load the very first time is like expecting to run a marathon right out of the gate, never having trained for it. It just isn’t going to happen- or, if by some miracle it does happen, it would be an anomaly.

There you have it, cum eater wannabes. Retrain your brain and rethink the path to first time cum eating success and you will be far more likely to succeed in eventually reaching that goal of eating your entire cum load than if you start right out reaching for the stars.

Are you ready to finally achieve that cum eating success you’ve always dreamed of? Give me a call!

Until next time, pets~

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