This post on how to increase the volume and how to improve the taste of your cum is for both seasoned cum eaters and those who haven’t yet been able to bring themselves to eat their own cum.  There are even a few tips on how to improve the speed and velocity of ejaculation so you can be more successful at hitting your mouth and/or give a better show for Me on cam!

Increasing the Volume of Ejaculate

This who are successful cum eaters often wish they could produce more hot, sticky jizz to eat.  The problem is, the more often you masturbate, the less ejaculate you produce with each orgasm.  What fun is an orgasm, after all, if you don’t have much of that creamy goodness to eat!

There are a few things you can do to increase the volume of juicy jizz produced with orgasm:

Drink water to increase cum volumeDrink a lot of water – It goes without saying that if you aren’t well-hydrated you won’t produce much spunk. Semen has a high water content and if you don’t have proper hydration, the volume of ejaculate produced will be minimal.

Celery increases cum volumeEat celery – You may have heard this one before, and for good reason.  It really works. Celery increases your cum volume because it has a high water content and aids in hydration which improves ejaculatory volume but it also contains zinc, selenium, and magnesium which play a role in increasing sperm count which also increases the volume of ejaculatory fluid, aka cum, spunk, jizzz juice, etc..

Oysters increase cum volumeEat Oysters – Oysters have been a well-touted aphrodisiac for centuries.  This is because oysters contain large amounts of zinc and B12, both of which are necessary for sperm and testosterone production.  Oysters are also high in protein, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron, copper and selenium, all of which play a role in the production of semen.

Fewer Orgasms – This may seem counterintuitive- especially coming from a post on a cum eating blog- but if you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  I know you crave that cum and want to ejaculate every time you masturbate just so you can eat that hot sticky jizz, but if you want to ensure you have more spunk to swallow, edging more often and ejaculating less often is a surefire way to do that.

Instead of orgasming every time you masturbate, learn to ride the edge of orgasm for minutes -even hours at a time- and then stop.  Doing this several times a week will ensure an explosive orgasm with a larger load of creamy cum for your cum eating session.

Improving the Taste of Your Cum

The taste of ejaculate varies from person to person and even from day to day, depending on what foods have been consumed.  For seasoned cum eaters, the actual taste of cum may not be as important but for those cum eater wannabes who haven’t been able to bring themselves to do it, the taste may make the difference between success and failure. Controlling your diet is the best way to control the taste of your cum.

Cinnamon improves the taste of cumEat more cinnamon and peppermint – Cinnamon is good for you in a lot of ways but it also improves the taste of your cum, as does peppermint.  Both are strong, sweet flavors that freshen breath, as well as seminal taste. They do this not only by imparting their own flavors but they help to remove the bad tasting elements, as well.Pineapple improves the taste of cum

Eat Pineapple / drink pineapple juice – I’m sure you’ve heard this one already, as it has been talked about for years- with good reason. It works.  Pineapple makes cum taste better! The bromelin in the pineapple helps restore healthy gut balance which can have a negative affect on the taste and smell of your cum.  The more pineapple you eat, the better your cum tastes and smells.  If the smell is what is keeping you from taking the cum-eating plunge, pineapple- combined with cinnamon- will improve the smell of your cum in no time.

Parsley and Lemons make cum taste betterEat parsley and lemons / lemon juice – Parsley is a well-known breath freshener, among other things.  Adding more parsley to your food will help remove the unpleasant-tasting elements of your cum. Lemons are a prebiotic and help restore healthy gut balance, much like pineapple juice does, so adding a squeeze of lemon to your water will help balance the gut which will help improve the taste of your jizz juice.

Avoid high-sulfur foods, processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine – I’m sure you’re thinking “no problem, I can avoid onions, garlic, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, piece of cake” but processed foods and sugars should also be removed from the diet, which may be a little more difficult to do. They contain more chemicals than nutrients and have a negative affect on digestion and gut health which translates into foul-tasting cum. Avoid caffiene, alcohol, and cigarettes for better tasting cum

In addition to consuming the foods above, you should avoid -or at the very least- limit the consumption of alcohol and caffeine while trying to improve the taste of cum, as well. These both affect overall gut health in a negative way, producing bitter-tasting cum. Cigarettes also make ejaculatory fluid very bitter-tasting, so cut back on the smoking if you want better tasting spunk!

Increasing the Speed and Velocity of Ejaculation

Cum GeiserThough this post is mainly about increasing the volume of ejaculatory fluid and improving the taste of your cum, as an added bonus, below are some things you can do to improve the speed and velocity of ejaculation. You’ll want to do these things if you are planning on assuming the cum-eating position and shooting your cum into your mouth because, while this sounds good in theory, the cum rarely goes into the mouth.  Sometimes it is because of bad aim but most of the time it is because there isn’t enough umph to propel it that far.

Kegel exercises – I know you’re thinking Kegel exercises are only for women, but I’m here to tell you they are just as important for men. Not only are they good for improving the speed and velocity of ejaculation, Kegel exercises are crucial for good prostate health. How do men do Kegel exercises, you ask? Here’s how:

  1. While urinating, place two fingers behind your testicles and then stop mid-stream.  You should feel a contraction beneath your fingers.  That contraction was produced by your Kegel muscles.  If it was difficult to stop mid-stream or if you didn’t feel much of a contraction, you need to strengthen your Kegel muscles.
  2. Now that you know where the Kegel muscles are, practice contracting and releasing a couple of times and then contract and hold for 2 seconds and release.  Do this about 20 times every time you go to relieve your bladder.
  3. In addition to the above exercises, three times each day, squeeze your Kegel muscles and hold for 20 seconds and then release. After each of those, squeeze and release 10 times very quickly.
  4. Do these exercises every day for a month and I guarantee you that you’ll be shooting your spunk much further than ever before!

Orgasm EdgingRiding the edge of orgasm for an hour or two before you finally orgasm will also help create a build-up sure to propel your ejaculatory fluid much further than previous orgasms (not to mention it also helps build up the amount of hot, sticky jizz you release.)

Ruined orgasms – This may sound like something a cum slut wouldn’t want to do but I assure you ruined orgasms are another way to improve the amount of jizz juice and the speed and velocity with which that creamy cum is propelled.  For several days prior to your cum-eating session, masturbate to the point of orgasm but squeeze HARD at the base of the shaft as soon as you feel your spunk starting to spew.

The goal is to squeeze soon enough and hard enough that no cum escapes but it takes work to get to that point.  Likely, you’ll have a small amount of cum streaming down your penis. If this happens, eat that cum, of course!  With practice, you’ll be able to ruin your orgasm without any cum escaping at all.

After you’ve spent several days ruining your orgasms and then a couple of hours orgasm edging and backing off, your orgasm will be explosive- spewing a cum geyser like never before!

Increased Cum Volume, Improved Taste of Cum, and Greater Propulsion

Increased cum volume and better tasting cumNow that I’ve given you ways to increase the volume of your cum, improve the taste of your cum (and the smell), and produce orgasms that propel your cum further than ever before, you have no excuse for NOT being a cum eater.

We’re heading into a New Year and I can’t think of a better New Year’s resolution for all you cum sluts and cum eater wannabes than to follow these suggestions.  Whether it’s just increasing the volume, improving the taste and smell, increasing the speed and velocity, or whether you just want to finally be a successful cum eater who doesn’t chicken out at the last minute, you should start the New Year by doing all of these things and working toward your cum-eating goals.

Let’s make you accountable for your goals, though.  Give me a call and tell me what your goals are and then I will check-in with you to see how you are doing.  If you aren’t held accountable for your cum-eating goals, we both know you won’t follow-through.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint yourself (and Me) by letting that happen AGAIN, would you?

There you have it, cum eaters.  Answers to all of your excuses for not being a successful cum eater.

Until next time~
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