I’ve been thinking about you this week, my sweet little cum-eating darlings. And you know who else has cum on the mind? That’s right, sweethearts – scientists. Science wants to help you eat cum. Who knew?

According to the article, celery makes you more attractive to women, science tells us that not only will eating celery increase the amount of ejaculatory fluid – that’s sweet, salty cum, for you laypersons – you’re firing, but also it will increase the intensity of your climax. Could you ask for anything more fabulous? More cum and better orgasms to go along with it? That’s a win/win if I ever heard one.

In the spirit of learning, let’s put on our white lab coats and get our science on, shall we? Indulging in a little experimentation is always a big turn on for Empress Hunter – and I know you want me turned on. When I’m all hot and wet, I pass the benefits on to you. So, let’s gather a little empirical evidence and see if we can corroborate these results.

First, I want you to cum into your favorite cum-catcher. Right now, in fact. (Need a little help getting that engine revved? Just imagine my naked body pressing you against the wall, teasing your hard cock with my pretty hand, until it’s dripping with pre-cum. I’ll smear that all over my lips and then kiss you hard. I love to share, and I know what you like.) Then I want you to measure just how much of that delicious cum you’ve captured. Make a note. Next comes the celery. Eat it daily for a week, and then take your measurement again.

I’ll need to know all the results of this highly scientific process, of course. Did you cum more after a week? Did you notice elevated intensity in your orgasms? And, of course, what did you do with the cum you reaped from this experiment? I’m expecting you to get a little creative now that the combination of science and Empress Hunter have (hopefully) given you even more of what you crave so much.

Call me and tell me all about what you did with that hot, sticky cum and the best ideas will get published right here in this blog next week. Let me know what you think of our little experiment. If nothing else, this should motivate you naughty stroker boys to eat your veggies.