My precious little cum-guzzlers, I have an assignment for you. Yes, another. No, you may not complain. Any lip from you and I’ll tape your mouth shut, milk you dry and feed your cum to some other guy, just so you won’t have any.

Get Ready for Another Cum Eating Experiment

I’ve yet another scientific study cum eating assignment for you.  Your assignment is this: you’re to explore the pleasures of after-market additions to our favorite love-juice in as scientific a method as possible.You’ll need a collection jar, a bunch of dixie cups, a spoon, a notepad, and some spices. Now, don’t get fussy, it’s really very simple: you’re going to grab a jam jar, clean it out, and wank your willy until you’ve got a respectable amount ready to go. Then you’re going to get a couple little dixie cups and put a little sum in each, and add some flavors. Then – one at a time – you’re going to taste the mixtures to see which ones you like best.

Cum Eating Done Right: A Culinary Delight

Of *course* we know nothing will ever replace the taste of the unadulterated product. Fresh, hot, plain cum; cold, refrigerated, slippery cum; unmixed, untouched, perfect. You’re getting hard right now, aren’t you? You naughty little beast. Get a jar. Collect your samples. Add some spices; try one with a little salt, one with a little sugar, one with a little garlic, one with a little pepper, one with a little cinnamon. Get creative and try a few other spices.  Maybe a little cayenne pepper or chili powder to spice it up a notch?  Whatever you try, be sure to write down your results.

And for your own sake, remember to close the kitchen curtains while you have your little dickie out in front of the sink. You wouldn’t want the neighbors to know you’re a cum guzzling whore, now, would you?

There you have it, cum guzzlers!  Your latest assignment.  Be sure to call  me and report the results!

Until next time,

~Empress Hunter