You may remember fluffy the cocksucker.  I’ve written several times about fagboy fluffly on my Intelligent Fantasies blog.  Oh hell, I think I’ve even written about him on my Straight Guys Sucking Cock blog–or maybe not.  The longer I talk to him the less sure I am about the “straight guy” part!

Saving up his Cum Loads

fluffy called me yesterday and informed me he had been saving his cum since the last time we talked.  Each time he masturbates (and that’s a lot, since he masturbates every time he thinks about sucking cock)!

fluffy was proudly describing the process of how he saves his cum and puts it in the freezer when I noticed him suddenly being very melancholy.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he just remembered about the 4 loads that he’d wasted here and there along the way–because they either fell on the floor or they tipped over in the freezer–and how disappointing it was for him.

My reply was that it was apparently not too disappointing or he would have made every effort to eat that cum, even if it meant licking it up off the floor.  Geez!  Helloooo…. what is wrong with the perv anyway?

Craving the Cock

fluffy also admitted to me yesterday that he craves cock; he craves the cum.  He said he’d love nothing more than to be on his knees with a big dick in his mouth while I stand there watching and taunting him.  Duh- tell me something I don’t know, fluffy dear.  Haha!

He also told me that since he’s been talking to me for the last several months, that he’s thought of nothing else when he masturbates.  In fact, he finds it difficult to even cum now unless he’s fantasizing about cock.  And not just sucking it either…. he wants to be down on his hands and knees with one cumming at him from the front and another from behind.  The little slut.  Again, fluffy- you thought this would be a surprise to me, why???   * wicked scratch that…. EVIL laughter *  Mwuahahahaha!!

Until next time my cum eating perverts-