Cum. Spunk. Jizz. Cream. Goo. It. Stuff. Man-milk. Self-serving sauce.

Cum, by any other name is still, well… cum.

I wanted to set that straight because for as many cum eaters that are proud to tell me they want to eat their cum for Mistress, there are many others who are quite shy about conveying their desires. They’ve fantasized about it for years, even become a bit obsessed with it, but when it comes to really telling someone their cumeating desires, they clam up.

Say it with Me: “I Am a Cum Eater!”

Say it loud and say it proud.  Admit it, you scream it over and over, loud and proud inside your head while your jerking off , making that cock throb even harder.  You may or may not have been successful in actually following through with slurping up the self-serving sauce, but you sure as hell scream it loud and proud in your head the entire time you are masturbating.

Eating Cum is Good For You!

If you still need convincing, then how about this:  eating cum is good for your health!  That’s right.  Cum is more than just a sticky, milky-white goo.  Cum is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and protein!  Who couldn’t use a little extra boost in these areas?

Masturbation is Good for You Too!

If you’ve been listening to my Cock Radio Masturbation Facts, you already know that masturbation is good for you for lots of reasons.  Masturbating to an orgasmic release at least once a week lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress, and builds the immune system.  In fact, regular masturbation is as good for the immune system as taking vitamin C!

Masturbate and Eat Your Cum Regularly for Good Health!

Now you’ve got a truly good reason to masturbate AND eat your cum regularly.  You know what that means?  Technically, you could be jeopardizing your by not masturbating and eating your cum at least once a week!

Until next time, cum guzzlers and wannabes,