Let’s talk about taking cum eating humiliation to the extreme. Those of you who are seasoned cum eaters have undoubtedly, by now, found ways to take it to the extreme but those of you who are just getting to that point may be wondering just how you can up the ante, so to speak, on your cum eating humiliation.

Here are five ways to take cum eating to the extreme:


1. Cum Eating Humiliation with a Cum Facial


You may be thinking a cum facial is about getting into the cum eating position, legs up the wall, dick pointed at your face, and it certainly can be for those of you who are flexible enough to get into that position. If you are fortunate enough to be able to shoot your cum onto your face and into your mouth, that is great, but have you left it there to dry and worn it around all day as a reminder that you are a cum eater? If not; you should!

If you are not flexible enough to get into the infamous cum eating position, there are other ways to give yourself a cum facial and get at least some of that load in your mouth. If your spunk typically spews with high velocity, you probably don’t need to do anything more than lie on your back and lift your neck up so that it’s in the line of fire, so to speak.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls who have a tiny little dick, neither of the above options will work for you. To add to the humiliation of having a small penis, you have to work twice as hard to even humiliate yourself with a cum facial.

“How do you I do it?” you ask. Easy! When that hot sticky jizz oozes out on your hand, you immediately bring your hand to your face, lick some of it off and rub the rest all over your face, just like a moisturizer.  All day long, your entire face will feel sticky and you’ll smell like cum as a reminder of what you are.


2. Holding Your Cum in Your Mouth and/or Gargling that Sticky, Gooey, Jizz


This is one of the things I love to watch cum eaters humiliate themselves by doing on cam. It’s so fun to see them holding that load of goo in their mouth while making them say and do humiliating things. I also love to watch as they gargle their cum without swallowing.  Eventually, they beg me for the opportunity to just swallow their jizz and get it over with but, of course, that won’t happen until I am sufficiently entertained and decide it’s time to allow them to swallow that cum load.

Along with holding the cum load int he mouth and gargling it, I will make you do other humiliating things with that cum, such as painting it on your lips like a lip gloss, using it on your face like a moisturizer, rubbing it under your nose so you smell it all day, and so much more!


3. Cum Eating Humiliation: Whip that Cum into “Whipped Cream”


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Some of the most fun cum eating calls are where I’ve watched guys shoot their cum into a glass or bowl and then take a stick blender to whip it into a heavy cum cream. It always surprises me to see that it does look so much like whipped cream, though we all know, it most certainly does not taste like whipped cream!

Once that cum is whipped up, I may order them to eat it with a spoon or put it on some berries or a dessert and eat it while I watch or I may have them do something even more humiliating. What can be more humiliating?  Putting that cum on those berries, packing it in your lunch, and eating it in the lunchroom in the presence of your coworkers- especially if they are women.

What a great introduction into public humiliation this is, if you haven’t already done any type of public humiliation.  It’s almost like super secret pubic humiliation.They’ll have no idea what’s on top of that desert you’re eating isn’t really whipped cream, but you certainly will!


4. Cumming on a Dildo and Sucking it Clean


Another fun way to watch you gobble that goo is to have you cum onto a nice, big dildo and then watch you suck it off while I tell you what a good cock sucker you are. Again, this one is much more humiliating and exciting if I am watching you on cam.

To be honest, I prefer for you to be on cam for ALL cum eating calls so I can enjoy watching and also be sure you really do follow through and swallow that cum load.

To add to  and prolong the cock sucking, cum eating humiliation, save up a few previous cum loads to use to suck off that dildo while you’re masturbating. You can read about how to save and preserve cum loads for use in future sessions, if you are unsure just how to do that.


5. Save Up Many Loads of Cum to Play With and Eat in Humiliating Ways


Again, a good one to do on cam so I can watch and laugh at you doing all those humiliating things I order you to do with your cum.  How many loads should you have saved up in order for this to work? The more loads you have saved up, the better.

What will I have you do with that cum? All sorts of humiliating ways to indulge in cum play and to eat your cum. Pretty much any humiliating cum eating, cum play idea you can think about, I’ve had cum eaters do.


Are you Ready to Take Your Cum Eating to the Extreme?


Most of my seasoned cum slut callers have already done most of these things and are always looking for ways to take cum eating to the next level but many of you are just getting to the point that you want to find ways to spice up your cum eating humiliation excitement.

If you have already tried these things, which are your favorite? If you haven’t yet tried them, which of them look the most exciting to try? Drop a comment and let me know!

Until next time, cum eaters~

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