Hello, my little man-milk slurpers! I heard the most delicious tale the other day and couldn’t wait to share it with you. It’s about a fella who accidentally came into his own mouth, and liked it so much he’s been trying to do it again ever since.

Time to Masturbate!!

It goes like this: there was a young gentleman who was in college, sharing a dorm room as is the norm. He happened to believe he had the room to himself for the day, and determined that he would spend a part of it pleasuring himself (being the masturbation addict he was).

Caught Masturbating!!

As he lay in bed wearing nothing but his shirt and socks, cock in hand, he grew close to the point of relief – and at the precise moment when he was about to grab for the tissues the room’s door crashed open violently!

He was so shocked that he jerked into a half-sitting position, mouth open, and came at the same time! The jolt of adrenaline propelled the cum straight at his face. It landed on his chin, his nose, dripped off his cheeks – but most of it shot straight into his mouth. Surprised, he closed his jaw and swallowed before he could think.

After all that, He Didn’t Even See Anything!!

The roommate, barging in while in the midst of a temper tantrum about lost concert tickets, saw only that our hero was half-naked and spun around, thus missing the show.

And as for our young man – well, he described that incident as the best orgasm of his life, and he’s been sucking up the self-serving sauce ever since. He’s never managed quite that perfect timing again on his own, though he got just what he was looking for when he called me!

Gotta go, phone’s ringing…. probably my little “accidental cum eater” now!!

Empress Hunter