For Valentine’s Day, the assignment was to purchase a mini sampler box of chocolates and turn them into cum covered chocolates.

Always one to try new ways to eat his jizz for me, Danny ran right out and bought himself a box of chocolates.  Trouble was, I wasn’t available on Valentine’s Day, after all, and Danny was disappointed.atoledo

Saturday Morning Surprise Valentine

Danny must have been watching for me because almost the minute I logged in on Saturday morning, my phone was ringing.   I answered the phone to hear Danny say,  “I purchased some Valentine’s chocolates for you.”   Knowing how much Danny loves to try each new way of eating his cum that I suggest, I wasn’t surprised that he was ready to try cum covered chocolates.

The Cum Covered Chocolate Challenge

Danny told me it had been a couple of days since his last orgasm and that he’d love to be able to cover all five pieces of chocolate for me, but he wasn’t sure he was up for the challenge.  I assured him with the way I planned to edge and tease him during the session, those balls would be full of hot spunk just waiting to get out.

After extensive teasing and edging, the time was getting close and I asked Danny if he had a plan for how he was going to ensure each piece of chocolate was covered with cum.  He said that he hadn’t really thought about it, so we discussed ways to make it happen.

How many pieces of chocolate were covered in cum?

After a little more edging, I finally gave Danny permission to cum all over those chocolates.  I watched as Danny carefully rotated the box as he was ejaculating so he could be sure all 5 were covered.  After catching his breath, Danny inspected the chocolates and was disappointed, thinking he’d only covered 4 pieces.

Still impressed that he could cover 4, I told Danny to eat those cum covered chocolates for me.  After he’d eaten the 4 pieces, he picked up the 5th, only to realize there was a nice sheet of cum down one side and underneath. “That’s FIVE pieces of chocolate, I covered for you!” Danny exclaimed.

“Yes, Danny, it is!”  You are indeed my all-star cum eater!

Way to go, Danny!

Until next time, cum eaters~