Autofellatio. Self-sucking.  Are you able to do it?  Have you tried?  Would you do it, if you could?

Cum Eating and Self-Sucking

Chances are, if you are already a cum eater, you have attempted to suck your own cock.  As the old saying goes, “Every man would, if he could.”  I’ve mentioned this to many of my boyfriends and guy friends over the years and some say “Hell yeah, I would!” While others vehemently deny that they would.

My answer to their quick dismissal is, as another popular saying goes, “He who protests the loudest must be guilty!”  Just as a lot of men are quick to deny they’d suck another man’s cock, I don’t believe there is a man alive who has not at least fantasized about it a time or two.

Popular Self-Sucking Positions

Often, guys would like to suck their own dick but aren’t able to do so because they aren’t flexible enough, their cock isn’t big enough, or their bellies are too big.  While there are those who are unfortunate enough to have itty bitty teeny peenies, most men, with a little practice, are able to gain the flexibility required to suck their own cock.  Yoga is a very good exercise to help with flexibility and it also builds endurance and burns fat, which helps with the “my belly is too big” problem.

Flexibility is crucial, but there are some cock sucking/cum eating positions that make autofellatio much easier.  Assuming the classic cum eating position works for a lot of guys.  Lying on the floor on your back with your legs up the wall is a very good position for self-sucking, too.  The closer you get your back to the wall, the easier it is to grab the backs of your thighs and pull them down above your head.

Sitting on a hard surface, such as a wooden chair, arching the back and bending down while grabbing the backs of the thighs to get closer also works for some men, though not as many as the above method.

So, I ask you.  If you could suck your own cock, would you?

I can’t wait to read your responses!

Until next time,