As promised, here is a coerced cum eating story from weeniewimp that I thought all of you cum sluts would enjoy:

Coerced cum eating phone sex is really an extreme form of humiliation phone sex, at least the way I see it. The need to be humiliated sexually actually stems from the fact that I am, in fact, not adequate sexually….at least not adequate to sexually satisfy a woman. I have a 4 1/2″ penis and cum too quick. Add to that that I am not very sexually assertive, most women don’t experience me as a “real man” at least in a sexual sense. While a lot of people think someone like me is probably gay, I really am very heterosexual (I fantasize about pussy constantly and really don’t at all about men). I am not unattractive otherwise and so I have had the opportunity on many occasions to actually get to go to bed with many women. However the sexual experience has been very embarrassing for me, generally. There have been many surprised expressions on these women’s faces when they see how pathetically hung I am and although I often still get to fuck them, its abundantly clear with most that they are faking orgasms and not really enjoying it. When I cum, I feel ashamed that I didn’t satisfy them …..So, I feel that I don’t really deserve to cum in a woman when I have sex, as she doesn’t get satisfied by me. The natural out growth of that is only “Real Men” should be allowed to cum in women. So where does that leave me? Where do I get to cum? One answer would be in my hand. But then one time I was on a phone sex call with a woman who was humiliating me about being a wimp with a little dick and she asked me, “so where do you think you should be allowed to cum?”I replied in my hand, and she said that sometimes real men jerk off too, and since I was such a wimp, I should be allowed to cum only in the most humiliating way possible, which was in my own face and mouth. I said no thanks, but she insisted, and said that at then end of this call, there WILL BE a hot load of my own cum in my mouth and on my face.

Cum is not pleasant tasting and for me after I have ejaculated, the weird need to be sexually humiliated is gone and so trying to slurp up the mess is no longer appealing in any way for me. I explained this to her and she said that if I wanted to cum at all, I would have to do exactly as she said. She said that too many guys liked to just pretend to do what she said, so she demanded that she watch me on webcam! I tried to get out of that, but she was firm that she would not allow an orgasm if I didn’t do it. Her control of me was very poerful and me to to cum was so great that before long I was on cam stroking my little weenie as she laughed uncontrollably. Then she demanded that I send her a $50 “cum tax” because she said that after ejaculation, realizing that there was $50 worth of semen in your mouth, makes the humiliation that much more exquisite. She said the beauty of this, was that up until now, she had humiliatied me, but that if I was going to get to cum, the rest of the way I would have to humiliate MYSELF. She intructed me on how to get on my back with my legs over my head until my dick was pointed right at my face. As I looked up at the pee hole that was about to betray me, I thought “I can’t beleive I am doing this”. She was laughing uncontrollably and between bouts of giggling she said “Now open wide wimp, and take it!!!!” The sound of her further laughter sent me over the edge and stream after stream of my jism flew right inoto my my mouth and a few also sprayed my face. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Then in the post orgasmic haze the thought of “Oh my God …what have I just done?” starts to creep in …and you’re own sperm is gurgling in your throat ….not only that but this woman is still watching and chuckling about the show I just put on….at that moment Iwish I could just disappear …. but before I could get over and turn off the cam, I had to sit up, swallow the sperm in my mouth and wipe some out of my eyes that was starting to sting. Then the woman said “so how was that? I told you I’d make you a cumeater…..”

I had a wonderful time when I visited Florida and the phone sex Mistresses and I came up with quite a few good cum recipes for you to try and enjoy for me. These will be posted throughout the week for all of the cum loving whores out there.


Your Coerced Cum Eating Phone Sex Empress