I have received a lot of very good feedback and different coerced cum eating stories that I would like to share with all of my readers. Some  of these have been in the form of comments (which I don’t think enough people are able to see) and another has been e-mailed to me from a master cum eater, who I have asked for more valuable input and ideas. I’ll be sharing these throughout the week with you. I love the fact that I am getting a lot of feedback, as I would like to make this an interactive blog where your ideas, opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

Bill wrote about a cum eating phone sex session with me that I would like to post for those who have been hesitant about calling and need an extra shove in the right direction; hopefully this will make you less nervous:

“I have admired Bailey’s log for some time now, both coerced bi cuckold blog and the coerced cum eating blog. I recently called Bailey on Sunday. It was good as I expected. She first talked to me asking me why I wanted to suck cock and eat my own cum. She asked me when was the first time I had the desire to eat my own cum. (I reflected on that question and I remember an ex girlfriend telling me that she read an article that a wife after husband came in her mouth then shared the cum with her husband, wow that has turned me on ever since.)

Bailey then inquired what else I was into, I said I enjoy wearing womens panties and lingerie and I had a pair of pink panties on when I called her.

We talked for a bit more then she had me stroke my cock while she asked me to describe how I would suck off her boyfriend. I was getting hard very hard. Bailey then instructed to me to get on my back against the wall with my legs in the air and my hard cock staring me in the face. She had me stroke hard and fast until I begged to cum. She let me cum into my mouth and on my face. Warm cum on my face, wow. The cum did not really have a bitter taste as I expected since I drink coffee.

I promised Bailey I would purchase a dildo to practice sucking cock and she has instructed me to put an add on craigs list to suck a cock. MMMM cant wait. I am hard just typing this. I just came in my coffee and drank it, mmmmm good.”

So, it sounds like I have not just turned him into a coerced cum eater for only while we are on the phone, but he is now addicted to his own cum and needs to eat it all the time. I like the idea of him cumming in his coffee, using it as a type of creamer, and drinking it that way. The possibilities for cum eating are really endless and you can use it in nearly any food. I just suggest that you keep the cum in ONLY your food and don’t put it in say a cake recipe that will be feeding your co-workers! *laugh* That would just be sick and wrong!

Since it is New Year’s perhaps you could flavor your champagne with a little of your own juices to make a very special mimosa! Let me know how it goes!

Your Coerced Cum Eating Phone Sex Empress