Do you know what your cum tastes like? Can you tell the difference between the taste of your cum and your pre-cum? If you don’t then you are not a true cum eater and you should be ashamed of yourself. Or…you should call me so that we can do a detailed coerced cum eating session and really get the taste of both of those juices into your mouth!

I like to think of them as sweet and savory. Unfortunately, in this little dinner, you are going to indulge in the sweet before you eat the savory. The majority of cum eaters find that the pre-cum tastes a lot sweeter than their cum and is a lot better tasting generally. It is not as thick and does not seem to have a bitter taste to it at all. Instead, it is nice and sweet and really gets you excited for the main course. Sort of like a sweet little appetizer. Pre-cum for most men usually has the same taste, texture and consistency. So it is not surprising when they say that they like the taste of it and that it is more sweet than salty.

Cum on the otherhand varies from man to man; with some being extremely bitter and others having more a sweet or salty tasting cum depending on the health and nutrition of the man squirting that load. The taste of cum seems to be an acquired taste, almost like fine wine or artisan cheeses that you never thought you would eat before, started getting into find wines or cheeses and tasting different ones and then found yourself loving and craving the most “flavorful” of all. That is how cum eater’s get addicted to eating cum for me. They start out with just a little bit and are usually quite hesitant and scared about eating their cum. They will taste the pre-cum, but when the main course comes around they are so scared and worried about the flavor. I get them to start out with a little bit of cum, or just with no choice; such as cumming into their mouth’s while on their backs. And then each and every time I will either get them to taste a little bit more, or eat it without being as coerced. I will  have a cum eater savor the taste and tell me all of the elements that are in the flavor. Usually he will be able to pick out flavors and essences of the foods that he ate earlier on during the day. Try it one time, put some cum into your mouth and tell me what flavors you pick up in the background and then compare that to what you have eaten during the day. You can check out my other blog for ways to make your cum taste better.

After I coerce men to eat their own cum I usually get a thank you e-mail or IM later on telling me how enjoyable it was and that they want to do it again. I would love for you, who loves to eat his own cum, to send e-mails and letters telling about your experiences, so we can have stories about cum eating on the blog!

Your Coerced Cum Eating Phone Sex Empress