Coffee with Cum CreamAre you a coffee drinker?  Do you like cream in your coffee?  Have you creamed your coffee with your own cum before?  If not, WHY?  It’s the perfect way to start your kinky day off right!

Eat Your Cum on a Sexy Wake-Up Call

The only thing better than waking up with a sexy wake-up call from a hot, sexy, dominant woman, is enjoying a cup of cum-creamed coffee on said call.  If you’re not familiar with our wake-up call service on, here’s how it works:

Email the mistress of your choice a day or two prior to the call to make sure she’s available and able to be your wake-up call.  Once she agrees, you call into dispatch to arrange and pay for the call, and then the mistress calls you at the desired time.  You can do this as an occasional treat or you can arrange to have a sexy wake-up call every morning!

Cum in your Mid-Morning Coffee

Even if you are into having a sexy voice purring in your ear to wake you up (who wouldn’t be?) and even if you’re not the consummate cum eater, you can still be naughty at the office and cum in your mid-morning coffee.  What a way to brighten up a dreary Monday… or any day, really.

Just grab a cup of coffee, close the office door, and give me a call.  All the naughtiness of talking dirty on the phone when you’re supposed to be working coupled with just the right erotic fantasy scenario will have you ready to blow that load of hot, sticky jizz in no time!

When you get ready, you’ll stand in front of your coffee and make sure to expel every last drop of that creamy cum goodness into your coffee.  Give it a stir and enjoy drinking your own creamy cum coffee while thinking about how naughty you’ve already been by masturbating at work and drinking your own cum, all before lunch! 🙂

Ready to cum in your coffee?  Give me a call.

Until next time, pets~

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