Cum Covered Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Cum Covered Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, I expect all you cum eaters to give me cum-covered chocolate.

By that, I mean, I expect you to call me on cam, cover a piece of chocolate in cum, and then eat that cream-covered chocolate confection for me.

Chocolates and Champagne

First, stop at the store and pick up one of those little heart-shaped mini sampler boxes of candy. Get some champagne too, while you’re there.  You may even want to purchase a single red rose… for ambiance.  And a pretty pair of red panties to wear for me on the cam call.

When you get home, open the box of chocolates and set them aside.  Slip into those pretty red panties, pour yourself a glass of champagne, get your cam ready, and give me a call.

Can you cover them all?

Here’s the real trick: do you have enough cum stored up to cover each piece of chocolate in that mini sampler?  Anybody can cum on one piece of chocolate and eat it but it takes talent to have enough cum and good enough aim to cover each piece of candy.

It takes at least several days of buildup, with lots of orgasm edging, getting right to the edge of orgasm and backing off, only to do it again.  Filling those balls full of hot, sticky jizz and then draining every last drop from them as you cover those chocolate confections, one-by-one, with your creamy goo.

Now, who wants cum covered chocolates??

You do!

Until next time, pets~