You love to eat your own cum.  Do it all the time, in fact.  But the thought of sucking cock is not something you would enjoy.  At least, you don’t think you would.  I’m willing to bet that not only would you enjoy it, but in the right circumstances, you would gladly suck cock.

Seduced into Cock Sucking

You already know I think cum eating is hot and that’s one of the reasons you like doing it for me.  What you may not know, is that I think watching a man suck another man’s cock – knowing that he’s doing it just for me – is the hottest thing ever!  I especially enjoy knowing you would never consider sucking another man’s cock on your own, but because I’ve gotten you so worked up and turned on, you are excited to suck cock for me.

Eating Another Man’s Cum

You’ve already had plenty of practice eating your own cum.  You are accustomed to the taste and the consistency and you like it. And, if truth be told, you’ve fantasized about it being another man’s cum you were eating instead of your own.  This means you’re already prepared for what to do when that head swells up and starts to spray hot, sticky jizz over the back of your tongue and down your throat. You won’t hesitate at all.  Instead, you’ll just keep right on sucking until you’ve drained that rock hard cock  and those big, heavy balls of every last drop of cum.

When you finish swallowing that load of cum and licking that cock clean, you’ll look over at me to see the satisfied look on my face, and beam with pride knowing how much you pleased me.

Ready to be seduced into sucking cock for me?

Until next time, pets~