Cum eating and Cuckolding are two kinks that often go together.  In fact, it is common for men who were never interested in eating their own cum before, to turn into cum eaters simply because they enjoy slurping another man’s cum from their girlfriend/wife’s pussy so much.  Other men eat their own cum first and their cum eating fantasies evolve into eating another man’s cum.  Either way, the two are definitely companion kinks.

Not all Cum Eaters are Cuckolds and Not all Cuckolds Eat Cum

While these kinks do often go together and it seems a natural progression to many, others are into strictly eating their own cum and have no interest in eating another man’s cum or seeing their wife or girlfriend with another man.  There are also cuckolds who love to fantasize about or actually watch another man fuck their wife but have no desire to clean his cum out of her pussy.

Are you a cum eater, a cuckold, or both?

Since you are here, reading this cum eating fantasies blog, I am going to assume that you have either already eaten your own cum or are fantasizing about eating your own cum.  Have you ever fantasized about licking your own cum off your lover’s body?  Either from her pussy after you’ve cum inside her or off another part of her body.  Licking your cum from her body as a form of body worship can be very erotic for both partners.

One of the best ways to get started eating your own cum is to lick your lover’s pussy immediately after you’ve cum inside her.  Even if she isn’t into your cum eating fantasy, she’ll enjoy you giving her an orgasm and likely won’t even give the fact that you’re eating your own cum a second thought.  You might not either, until after you’ve already done it.

What do you think, is it a natural progression from eating your own cum to being a cuckold or vice versa?

Until next time, cum eaters…