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Dildo for cumming on so you can suck all your cum off of it

If you are here, you are either an avid cum eater or a cum eater wannabe.  Either way, if you’ve never tried putting your cum on a dildo and licking it off or in an ejaculating dildo, you don’t know what you are missing.

Sucking Your Own Cum off a Dildo

  • “But Mistress, I don’t have a dildo.”

Well then, get one!  All good cum sluts must have at least one dildo if they want to please me.

  • “But Mistress, I’m not into sucking cock.”

You’re into eating your own cum, aren’t you?  You love finding new and unique ways to eat it, don’t you?  You want to please me, don’t you?

Of course you do.  Now, if you don’t have one, GO GET ONE!

If you already have one but have never slurped your cum off of it, then give me a call asap to remedy that!

Draining Your Cum from an Ejaculating Dildo

ejaculating dildo, eat your cum

Ejaculate your own cum directly into your mouth and down your throat

Have you ever saved your cum for later use?  If you haven’t and you want to experience having your own cum ejaculated directly into your mouth, then you’ll need to save the splooge from a few masturbation sessions to fill it.

I know it is hard not to eat it right away, but just think about how exciting it will be to have your cum ejaculated down your throat!  You’ll need an ice cube tray, used ONLY for this purpose and nothing else.  Each time you masturbate and are ready to cum, shoot it into a cube in the tray and put it back into the freezer.  Once you have the tray filled, you’ll have enough semen-filled spunk to fill the ejaculating dildo.

Of course, you’ll need a bit of preparation to thaw it out until it is the right consistency to easily squirt from the dildo, but I can talk you through it when the time comes.  Once the dildo is filled and ready to go, I will definitely want to see it on cam!

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The above links are affiliate links and if you purchase your dildo using these links, I will receive a small stipend, which will make me very happy.  The most important thing, after all, is making Mistress happy, right?

Well pets… where’s your dildo?  What are you waiting for?

Until next time,