Hear Me Read this Post

Hear Me Read this Post

Prostate Milking and Cum Eating

Prostate milking and cum eating go together like peanut butter and jelly!

You many not  think of cum eating and prostate milking as two things that go together, but they make perfect bedfellows.  If you haven’t tried both together, here’s why you should:

Prostate Milking is the Perfect Compliment to Cum Eating

If you are already eating your own cum regularly and love the taste of your own hot, sticky jizz, you probably are looking for ways to increase the volume so you can eat more of it.  If you fantasize about cum eating but just can’t seem to follow through and eat your cum after orgasm, prostate milking is the perfect eat your own cum training opportunity!

Prostate orgasms are very different from regular orgasms-yet another reason you should try anal play at least once-in that they don’t usually produce an explosive ejaculatory orgasm finale.  Instead, prostate massagers milk the prostate, producing episodic intense orgasmic feelings, while producing slow, steady streams of ejaculate for you to enjoy while still aroused and craving your cum.

Whether your goal is simply to manufacture more creamy cum deliciousness for your cum eating palate or to improve your cum eating follow-through, milking the prostate via prostate massage is the perfect way to achieve your cum eating goal.

Cum Eating is the Perfect Compliment to Prostate Milking

If you regularly milk your prostate or enjoy using a prostate massager  for more intense orgasms while masturbating, you may already be in the habit of licking up that steady stream of ejaculate. Then again, licking up your own cum may not be something you’ve yet thought of.  If that’s the case, you should definitely give it a try.

After all, all that sticky goo needs cleaned up anyway, so why not make it easy on yourself and clean up that steady stream of cum as you go.  You may find that eating your own cum just adds to the pleasure you’ve already been experiencing.

There you have it, pets~ cum eating and prostate milking go together like peanut butter and jelly!


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