If you’ve never tried eating your own cum but are into worshiping a beautiful body, body worship is the perfect way to turn your cum eating fantasies into reality.  Incorporating your cum eating fantasies into a hot body worship session makes for an easier transition for sharing your cum eating fantasies with a partner.

Lick Your Cum From Her Breasts

If you appreciate a beautiful pair of breasts and enjoy kissing them, licking them, and suckling them, why not incorporate cum eating into the mix?  As you’re worshiping those breasts, slide your cock between them and stroke with them- alternate between that and licking and kissing them.  Then, when you are ready to cum, cover those beautiful breasts with your hot, sticky jizz and immediately get to work licking them clean.

Lick Your Cum From Her Feet

Do you enjoy worshiping pretty feet?  Massaging them, kissing them, licking them?  Begin by kneeling in front of her and kissing the tops of her feet and toes.  Then, sit so she can place her feet in your naked lap and begin massaging her feet.   After a bit, rub her feet with your cock.  When you are ready to cum, cover those pretty little toes with your splooge.  Then, one by one, suckle each toe, licking between them to ensure you lick up every last drop of your cum.

Lick Your Cum From Her Pussy

After you’ve cum in her pussy, slide on down and start licking her clit and swollen pussy lips before delving that tongue deep inside to taste her juices mixed with your own cum.  She’ll be so turned on and excited that you are being such a generous lover, giving her another orgasm, that she won’t even realize until later that you were eating your own cum.  I doubt you’ll think much about it at the time, either.  Afterward, you’ll be so turned on by the thought of what just happened that you’ll want to do it all over again.

There you go, pets.  Body worship is the perfect way to enjoy eating your own cum.

Until next time,