Have you ever played cum eating dice games? No? Why not?!?! Yes? How did you like it??

I absolutely love playing kinky dice games on calls! Whether you’ve played before or whether you haven’t yet played, it’s time to roll the kinky cum eating dice!!

Are you ready to roll that dice, cum eater wannabes and seasoned cum eaters? You know you want to! Or, at the very least, you’re intrigued enough to continue reading to see how the dice game works and to consider the possibilities of how it might work for you.


Cum Eating Dice Games Include Cum Play, too!


Mission CuMPossible Cum Play and Cum Eating Assignmnts with Ms Claire and Ms Hunter (800) 601-6975Obviously, if you are here, you’ve either eaten your own cum or fantasized about eating your own cum but have you ever indulged in fun cum play? If you haven’t, you should check out Ms. Claire’s and my Mission CumPossible cum eating/cum play assignments.  If you’re a Mission CumPossible alum, then you know how much fun cum play can be along with cum eating.

Part of the cum play games for Mission CumPossible require you to save up a few cum loads at the beginning and the cum eating dice game can be much more fun if you’ve saved up a few cum loads prior to playing, as well. Of course, even if you don’t have previously-saved cum loads, we can still do some cum play along with the cum eating tasks assigned to the dice.

If, as is usually the case, you enjoy other kinks and fetishes along with cum eating, we can include those in the dice game tasks to make it even more fun. The more kinks you have, the more sides of the dice we can add!  Oooh, the combination possibilities are almost endless!


You Can Play the Dice Game on a Call or by Yourself


Ms Hunter teaches you how to be a ruined orgasm cum eater (800) 601-6975Obviously, as with all games, playing cum eating dice games is more fun with another person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still play if you’re alone. In fact, playing a fun, kinky dice game can help those of you who lose the urge to eat their cum after orgasm follow actually through with gobbling that goo.

There is no guarantee you’ll actually follow through with eating your own cum on your own, even with the cum eating dice game- especially if you’ve tried multiple times on your own before and not been successful.  The best way to ensure follow through with your fantasy of being a cum eater is to go on cam for me so I can watch as I coach you through it.

It is much more difficult to cheat when you know you’re being watched, though I have a high success rate of getting wannabe cum eaters to swallow their cum for the first time, some even have trouble following through while I’m watching them on cam.  Perhaps adding a fun element like playing the dice game might make it a little easier and less daunting!


Shall We Play the Cum Eating Dice Game, Now?


Kinky Cum Eating Dice Game with Ms Hunter (800) 601-6975What do you think? Will the cum eating dice game make it easier for you to follow through with eating your cum for the first time? Are you a seasoned cum eater looking for new and exciting ways to gobble your goo that you have not yet tried?

Either way, you know you want to play the cum eating dice game, and I do too! What are you waiting for??Pick up that phone and give me a call! Who knows, playing cum eating dice games might be the most fun you’ll have on a cum eating phone sex call!

Until next time, cum eaters~

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