Coerced cum eating is a common fetish that can be a spring board to other common fetishes, such as prostate milking, cock sucking and cuckolding.

Cock sucking fantasies

Now, now. Don’t act surprised. I know you fantasize about sucking cock and swallowing his white hot, sticky load of jizz instead of your own. The entire time you are masturbating, you are fantasizing about another man’s dick in your mouth, telling yourself that you want to taste his cum.

Bi-sexual denial

Of course, as soon as you cum, you get embarrassed and deny, even to yourself, ever having fantasized about sucking another man’s cock. This is the reason you aren’t successful in eating your cum without a strong and dominant woman ordering you follow through with it.

Cock whore

Then there are those of you who fantasize about having a cock in your ass while sucking cock. You are cock whores and constantly crave cock, even while denying it. Perhaps you need my big strap-on filling your “man pussy” while you’ve got a big, thick, throbbing, real cock in your mouth. A big, thick, throbbing, real cock, just ready to shoot that load in your mouth.

Mmmm, that’s it. That’s the cum you’ve been craving, you cock sucking slut!

You don’t fool Me

You don’t fool me. You pretend to gross out at the mere mention of sucking another man’s cock and swallowing his cum, but puh-lease! You little cum sluts can’t hide anything from this Mistress. I may be a sensual femdom, but don’t confuse that with me actually believing your emphatic denial.

After all, haven’t you heard that he who denies the loudest is usually guilty?

There you have it cum eaters, I know the truth, so you might as well quit denying.

Until next time,

Empress Hunter

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