Men choose to eat their cum for various reasons, but the most common underlying theme is humiliation; it is very humiliating to eat your own cum in the presence of a woman.

Some methods of cum eating are even more humiliating than others.  My favorite way of feeding a man his own cum is with a spoon but here are some other humiliating ways to eat your own cum.

Cum Facials

The concept of shooting cum all over your face, scooping off what you can and eating it, and letting the rest dry and crust over is humiliating by itself, but humiliating yourself by getting into the cum eating position– legs up a wall or over the head adds to it.  Many men think they aren’t flexible enough to do that, but getting into “the position” to shoot cum all over your face and in your mouth isn’t as difficult as you might think.  Even if you have a small penis and aren’t very flexible, you can still get it aimed toward your face for a cum facial.

Cum Covered Food

Cum frosted cupcakes, cum covered cookies, cum sundaes, cum covered waffles, blueberries and cum “cream,” cum frosted flakes, cum coffee creamer, cum salad dressing- there a many, many ways to incorporate cum into regular food items.  It  is especially humiliating when these items are incorporated into food eaten in front of others, such as cum salad dressing.  Chances are those around you will have no clue what you are doing, but the very fact that you are doing it right in front of them is humiliating and exhilarating all at the same time.

Cum Cocktails

Cum Cordials, Cum Rum Punch, “Extra” Dirty Martinis, Kahlua and Cum- these are but a few of the many different ways of incorporating cum into cocktails.  Oftentimes, I will require the cum eater to freeze his cum in ice cube trays so he can use the cubes in any beverage of his choice.

What method of eating your own cum do you find most humiliating?

Until next time cum sluts…