Today is Super Bowl Sunday and I can bet that there are quite a few of you pathetic losers who will be celebrating alone. If you are, then I have a challenge for you. What is the most creative Super Bowl cum recipe that you can come up with for your upcoming festivities? You will be dining alone, so I expect these recipes to be taste tested for quality assurance. And while you are “manufacturing” the star ingredient I expect to be talking to you on the phone. I’ll be taking your cum eating phone sex calls all day long!

For those who have plans with others for this evening, there is no reason that you cannot contribute to the recipe book of cum. You may just have to sneak your snack to the bathroom to try it out. No big deal. And no excuses, cum slut.

As always, I think you will have more appreciation for your beer if you add a little of your own foam to the top. A cum cube would be perfect and you still have time to make one. All you need to do is get a few loads into an ice cube slot of an ice cube tray, freeze and add to your drink of choice. Nothing like a good Bud n Cum to start off the Super Bowl (and the win of the Cardinals 😉 )

Have a good day and be sure sure to send those recipes my way. If they are creative enough you may receive a prize from Empress Bailey!

Your Coerced Cum Eating Phone Sex Empress



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