Cum-frosted cookies… did that get your attention, cum eaters?  The holiday is upon us and as the story goes, cookies and milk must be left out for Santa to eat after he delivers your kinky stocking stuffers and sex toys.

Well, maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that but if your stocking is going to be filled with sex toys, why can’t your cookies be cum-frosted?  And, for that matter, why can’t YOU frost those cookies for Santa?  You’ll be the one eating them, anyway, right? 😉


Cum-Frosted Cookie Suggestions

You love the idea of cum-frosted cookies but what type of cookies should you frost?  Whatever your favorite cookie is, of course!  You can frost everything from cut-out cookies to ginger snaps to Oreos, and everything in between.

The bigger question isn’t what type of cookies you should frost but how much cum will you have to frost those cookies with? Ideally, you will have not had an orgasm for at least a few days and have spent lots of time edging and gooning to build up that cum supply but even if you just orgasmed yesterday, you can still take a go at cum-frosting cookies.

The goal is to see how many cookies you can cover with your cum frosting. The most I have seen covered with one load of cum is four.  Can you do more than four? Are you up for the challenge?  Remember, the more cookies you cover with your cum, the more cum-frosted cookies for you to eat!


Cum-Frost those Cookies on Cam

Are you competitive and want to ME to see how many cookies you can frost with your cum?

I would love to tease and edge you while watching you on cam and then watch you cover those cookies with your cum frosting. I challenge you to not only beat four but why not go for six? Can you do more than six?


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There you have it, cum eaters… now, get out there and cum-frost those cookies!!

Until next time~

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