There are many different ways to eat your own cum but have you ever thought to simply drink your cum from a glass of water?

Prepare to Drink your Cum

The first thing you need to do if you are planning to drink your cum from a glass of water is to build up a large batch of cum by orgasm denial and lots of edging.  Once you know you’ve got a lot of cum built up, then arrange for a cum eating cam call with me.  It’s not nearly as enjoyable for me if I can’t see that cloudy white jizz mixing with that clear water.

Once you’re ready to drink your cum for me, fill a glass of water with about 2-3″ of water in the glass and have it ready and waiting for your orgasmic explosion.

Drain every Drop of Cum from those Balls

On the cum eating cam call, there will be lots of teasing and orgasm edging and talking about how much you want to drink your cum and be a good cum eater for me.  Some cum eaters need a lot of encouragement, and even coercion, but there are also a lot of eager cum drinkers out there.

When you get close, I will have you move that glass of water to where you can easily shoot every single drop of that hot, creamy goodness into that glass of water.  Once I’m satisfied you’ve emptied every single drop and can see a lot of white cloudiness in that otherwise clear water, I will have you swirl the glass and drink your cum all down for me in one drink.

Bottoms up, cum drinker!

Until next time, cum eaters~

Your Cum Eating Fantasies Mistress Hunter