Hear Me Read this Post

Hear Me Read this Post

We both know you like to eat your own cum, but have you ever swallowed cum from another man?  Have you ever fantasized about it?

Okay, that last question was a bit rhetorical, as there is not a man alive who has not at least fantasized about it once, in my opinion.  Oh, there are those who will swear they never have even given it a thought, but they are lying!

What these men seem to have trouble clarifying is that just because you fantasize about something doesn’t mean you want to make it a reality.  Heeeeeellllloooooooo… that’s why it is called FANTASY!  🙂

That said, there are still a good many men who would actually like to taste another man’s cum at least once.  Of course, there are also those who want to slurp it up every chance they get and are proud of it.

Keeping Eating Another Man’s Cum as a Fantasy

Some cum eaters have no desire to suck a cock or lick another man’s cum from their wife’s pussy in reality but they get off on being a cuckold fluffer or cleaning up big juicy cuckold cream pies in their fantasies.  This is perfectly normal and a fun and safe way to push your limits.

 Turning Eating Another Man’s Cum Into Reality

For those cum eating sluts who want to eat another man’s cum, eating their own cum is but a step on they way toward reaching their goal.  It usually starts with cleaning up your own cum.

If your ultimate goal is to be a good cock sucker, then a good way to practice is by shooting your own cum on a nice big dildo and then sucking it clean while continuing to practice your cock sucking skills using that same dildo.

If your ultimate goal is to be a cuckold, eating your own cum from her pussy  while pretending it is another man’s cum is a good way to practice.

Both of these techniques are great practice if your goal is to be a cuckold fluffer.

Whatever the reason you enjoy being a cum eater, whether you enjoy eating your own cum and don’t want to try anyone else’s, or whether you want to be the biggest cum eating cock slut on the planet, the main goal is to enjoy yourself while learning be the best cum eater possible!

Until next time, cum sluts~