Move over Botox, there’s a new anti-aging remedy in town- Cum!

A 2009 study at Graz University in Austria found that spermidine, a compound found in both semen and grapefruit increases longevity by a third when regularly consumed as part of the diet.

Cum Eating Boosts Immune System

The scientific study showed that spermidine prolonged the life of human immune cells, boosting innate response to pathogens.  This means regular consumption of cum should bolster the immune system and keep you healthier.  Better than a flu shot or a pneumonia shot, wouldn’t you say?

Cum Eating Slows Aging Process

As mentioned above, spermidine, a substance found in cum, slows the aging process.  Therefore, eating your own cum can help you live longer!!  As if staying healthier wasn’t enough, cum eating also slows the aging process and has been known to cause test subjects to live 1/3 longer than those who do not regularly consume spermidine (cum).

Cum Eating Deters Baldness

According to this Public Library of Science journal article, spermidine promotes hair growth and is the catalyst for epithelial (skin) cell regeneration.

Are you balding and wish you could do something about it?  Hold on!  You can!  All you have to do is regularly eat your own cum; the hair you do have will be less likely to fall out and in many cases new hair growth will occur.

The quicker skin cells regenerate, the more youthful and supple your skin will be, which will cause you look younger.

Looking younger with a thick head of hair?  How awesome is that?  What man wouldn’t want to take up cum eating to achieve that?

 Cum is Nutrient Dense

A typical male ejaculates about a teaspoon of cum upon orgasm.  A teaspoon of cum is approximately 25 calories and contains proteins and other important vitamins, minterals, and nutrients.

Sperm accounts for only 1% of the makeup of semen.  The rest is a composition of over 200 separate proteins and a barrage of other nutrients, such as:  vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc, to name just a few.

Cum is a superfood!

Boost your immune system, look and feel  younger, and deter baldness by eating cum.

Well, what are you waiting for?  You’re not getting any younger!  😉

Until next time, pets~