What's your favorite way to share cum eating with a lover?

What’s your favorite way to share cum eating with a lover?

I talk about all sorts of ways to eat your own cum by yourself, but rarely talk about ways to share your cum eating fetish with your lover.  There are so many sexy ways to enjoy eating your cum with a partner.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Snowballs are so super-hot and sexy.  I love giving my man an out-of-this world blow job that will send him over the edge in earth shattering orgasm.  More often than not, I’ll hold that big load of jizz in my mouth and immediately give him a passionate French kiss, transferring that hot cum directly from my mouth to his.


Creampies are also a hot way to eat your own cum.  It really turns me on when my man immediately uses his tongue on me after he cums inside me.  There’s something extra hot about knowing not only is he a considerate lover by bringing me to orgasm after he’s already had his, but that he’s tasting his cum mixed with my sweet juices.

Licking Cum from Her Body

Another of my favorite ways to share the cum eating fetish with a lover.  Sometimes I enjoy mutual masturbation and having him cum on my legs or breasts and then lick it up.  Other times I enjoy when he worships my sexy body and gets so turned on by it that he is on the edge of orgasm as I tell him how much I would love to see him cum on my body and lick it off.

I must confess that I do have a fetish for watching the “money shot” and have also had my man pull out and cum on my stomach just so I could watch.  I love cradling his head in my hands as he gets to work licking me clean.

There you have it, pets.  Some of my favorite ways to share cum eating with a lover.

Until next time~