You’ve thought about eating your cum for sometime now. You’ve been religiously following my blog and any other coerced cum eating site that you can find. Not wanting to humiliate yourself in front of a Dominant Woman, such as myself, you have tried, and failed, at eating your own cum by yourself. The thought of eating your own cum excites you, humiliates you, disgusts you, intrigues you and a number of other emotions flow through your head when you think about eating it. No matter how much you try to deny the urge to eat cum, your cock seems to have other ideas and gets hard each time you think about it. You may be lying to yourself, but your cock won’t; you want cum. You want to taste it, feel it, consume it. The warmness. The creaminess. The sweetness. The bitterness. You are addicted to the thought of it all. You’ve tasted just a drop before, but you need more. You need it and you crave it. You think about it during work. When you are on dates. When you have sex. And when you masturbate. You think about eating your own cum. Yet, you just can’t do it by yourself. You need to be coerced to eat it. Coerced into eating it. Even tricked into eating your own cum.

Well, that is where I step in. It may be a process in which it takes more than one phone call to properly develop a cum eating plan. In the end, it will be worth it. Perhaps you will be brave enough to eat it the first time we are on the phone; which would also be great. The sooner I can turn you into a cum addicted caller, the better.

After you eat your cum for me you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You finally got over this huge hurdle in your sexual life. You did something you have fantasized about, longed for, yearned for and needed. Now what is your problem? You are addicted! I’ve turned you into a true cum eater and you love it. You cannot stop and lick your precum each time you stroke. When you cum and we don’t speak you save it for the next time we do speak. You think about the taste. You change your diet to make your cum taste better. I have done my job. Welcome to the world of cum eaters. I will take over and turn you all into cum sluts, one load at a time!

Your Coerced Cum Eating Phone Sex Empress



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